DMV - Motor Carrier Permit Application


The information required on this form pertains to eligibility for issuance of a Motor Carrier Permit (MCP) and is required under authority of Division 14.85 of the California Vehicle Code (CVC). Failure to provide the information required under CVC Section 34621 is cause for refusal to issue an MCP.

The information provided on this form is public record regularly used by law enforcement agencies and is open to inspection by the public except driver license number, Social Security Number, Federal Employer Identification Number, Employer Pull Notice requester code number, payment information, and employees’ information.

Please read the instructions before completing this application.

NOTE: The law allows the State Board of Equalization and Franchise Tax Board to share taxpayer information with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Motor carriers are required to pay their state tax obligation. If the state tax obligation is not paid, DMV may suspend an MCP pursuant to the Business and Professions Code Section 494.5. 

Applicant Information

Type of Application
Do you need to make changes, other than address or vehicle information, to your renewal?
Type of Business Entity?
Type of Business Entity
UCR Authority Mapping 2
I. Any truck or any combination of a truck and/or any other vehicle transporting hazardous materials. (See SECTION 5, box D)
Operating Authority
Employer Pull Notice (EPN) Program
Certify Mapped
Type of Business Entity?
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